Regaining Your Financial Independence

Every day, millions of Americans struggle with the inability to pay their bills. In many cases, these financial burdens are the result of divorce, medical problems, loss of income, or other circumstances beyond their control. Fortunately, bankruptcy law provides individuals and entities with various options for obtaining debt relief.

Bankruptcy grants immediate economic relief by discharging debt or establishing a feasible plan to repay debts. It is a proactive decision to take back your financial independence.

At Adelsperger & Kleven, LLP, we represent individuals and entities in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, as well as Chapter 11 reorganization. We also represent family farmers and ranchers in Chapter 12 bankruptcy. We proudly serve clients in Fort Wayne and throughout Indiana.

Alleviating Your Stress About Bankruptcy

The mere thought of bankruptcy is alarming to most people because they believe it implies something bad, like giving up or backing out of their responsibilities. However, bankruptcy does not brand you as financially irresponsible. Instead, it provides an opportunity to start fresh and reclaim your financial position.

As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we will make every effort to alleviate your stress throughout the bankruptcy process. We will work closely to identify your specific needs and help you develop an attainable financial plan.

Meet With An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Today

We are dedicated to providing a trusted and compassionate legal experience. We offer fair, cost-effective rates, and are not a limited-scope firm. We handle every aspect of bankruptcy cases, from filing through implementation.

Contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer or call our office at 260-918-0595.

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